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Ambystoma mexicanum

In the German language areas the word "Axolotl" reminds most of the people of the novel "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" (F. Dürrenmatt). The origin is probably the word "Xolotl", the name of a God in the Aztec language, moreover "Axolotl" may also be translated as "water-dog". For the aquarium hobbyists axolotls are these nice little critters shown on the photos of this website. It is a species of Mexican salamanders normally displaying neoteny, i.e. the axolotl remains in its larval form and does not develop the characteristics of an adult salamander. The albino forms, white or golden with red gills, are quite well-known.
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Housing and Feeding

Fest im Lebenskampfe steht, wer auf Axolotl geht!

Here you can find a small gallery with axolotl pictures from visitors of our website. We are always interested in new pictures but please take care that you retain the copyright before sending us pictures!

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